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We believe that making a good ice cream should be made fresh every day. Roberto fact every morning, after bringing children to school, he went to the Savignano sul Rubicone (which is 12 Km from his house) to produce an ice cream fresh, waiting for his trusted milkman for delivery of milk and cream, as usual high quality.
This adventure (in the Production of Ice Cream) for Roberto began in 1981 at age 14 in a popular pastry in Rimini, here to learn traditional recipes handed down from father to son using only fresh, wholesome products.
Then at the age of 22 years shall enter into society in a very popular ice cream shop, taking with him a wealth of experience, but also learn recipes for modifying them, getting an ice cream mix is unique in the world (it is to be tested).
Having worked closely with those who provide furniture and equipment, he chose to partner with Mr Franco, the A.F. System owner.
This choice is due to the great decades of knowledge of a simple guy but carefulness the ice cream market, which, in turn, having had experience in ice cream shops, was able to advise and assist in Roberto's demands.
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